The spa in all its forms

These days, the models of jaccuzi spa have no limits. Of all sizes, shapes and colors, you just have to choose the one you like the most.

The built-in spa

The built-in spa has the specificity of not being able to be moved once it has been installed. Its installation often requires the intervention of a specialist because the work is quite extensive. As a result, it can be placed, partially buried or buried in its entirety. Being able to be constituted by different materials such as stone or mosaic, it brings in this case, an estimable aesthetic value to the house or to the garden where it is located.

However, the built-in spa has the disadvantage of being the most expensive on the market. In fact, buying this type of spa requires at least 5,000 euros in your pocket. Depending on the model, this value can increase further to 50,000 euros. A built-in 7-seater concrete spa, for example, can cost 8,000 to 14,000 euros, not including installation costs.

Spas on the ground

Spas placed on the ground include the inflatable spa, and the portable spa or rigid spa.

The inflatable spa is practical for its lightness and easy to transport. It is made from synthetic materials. You can then install it wherever you want according to your mood and according to your desires.

The rigid spa is a transportable spa that can be made of wood or synthetic materials. It is a bit heavier than the inflatable spa, and less flexible too.

Both types of spa have the advantage of easy installation, which does not require extensive fieldwork. They are cheaper and more economical. The only point to see is at ground level. The latter must be strong enough to support a spa that can weigh up to two tons.

It's up to you to know your kind in jacuzzi spa with the best qualities.

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