What is the Finnish spa?

The Finnish spa is a device from thermal springs in the Nordic countries. This is a fairly rare spa that cannot be found anywhere. In fact, the Finnish spa was originally round in shape with wood that grows in northern countries. It is a very rare wood which grows slowly but it is very resistant.

The Finnish spa, a Nordic tradition

The Finnish spa, also called Scandinavian spa or Nordic spa, comes from the pure Finnish tradition which brings together all the harshest climates on this planet. It is precisely to combat the cold that these jacuzzi tub spas were invented. The principle of this type of spa is based on an alternation between hot and cold to allow the body to better manage low temperatures. In general, the Finnish spa is placed outdoors, in order to better benefit from its benefits.

What are the virtues of the Finnish spa?

Apart from the fact that this spa can give special and immediate sensations, the Scandinavian spa is a thermal treatment which will allow you to eliminate all the toxins from your body and many more besides. Indeed, you will be able to relax all your muscles, improve the oxygenation of your body, but even more, you will be able to fight against the winter depression that can be felt at this time of year. Concretely, you will be able to find your natural balance.

So on the one hand, during the hot bath, your body will eliminate all toxins by sweating. This will be the first step. On the other hand, during the cold bath, a kind of "thermal shock" will occur which will have the effect of closing the pores that were open during the first bath, in order to release the adrenaline which will stimulate your body.
As you can understand, Finnish spa will only bring you benefits.

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