What location for a spa?

Indoors or outdoors, it is also necessary to determine where to install your spa. Again, ask yourself the right questions. The vast majority of spas are set up outdoors, but if the thought of having to go out in the middle of winter to be able to enjoy it cools you off, opt for an indoor spa instead. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to admire the stars warm in your bath, the place will obviously be found.

Inside or outside, however, be aware that the installation of a spa may require some development work. For example, ensure that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of the spa. Once filled with water, a 3-seater model for example will weigh around 1,200 kg. Plumbing work may also be required, as well as a connection of the box to the electrical system (which must meet very strict safety rules). With an indoor spa, it is important to ensure that the room is ventilated. These are all criteria to consider before installing your spa.

Inflatable, semi-built-in or built-in hot tub?

There are many models of spas and everything is possible, within the limits of your budget of course. This should not be minimized, because the more sophisticated the model, the heavier the bill.

Above-ground spas are simply placed on the ground. There are models of so-called portable rigid spas, with an acrylic tank for example, or inflatable models, in PVC. These have the advantage of being able to be moved, they are also less expensive than a solid spa, but are also more fragile.
Built-in or semi-built-in spas require real installation work. They are therefore more expensive, but represent a sustainable investment and can be enhanced with an infinite number of options.

Also think about how you want to integrate it into your home. A portable or semi-recessed spa can, for example, be dressed in wood or mosaic. A built-in spa must be designed in harmony with your garden, the terrace or the surroundings of your swimming pool. In terms of form, there are square, round, triangular, octagonal spas ... As you will have understood, there too, the choice of options is vast.

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