Be equiped and ready for the summertime

Summer is a perfect time to go outside and soak up some sunshine. While it is great to take time for yourself to relax, you should also make time to go on adventures with your friends and family. Before summer arrives, it is important to plan out what you want to do, and what you hope to accomplish. Maybe you want to tackle a summer reading list and attend a concert, or maybe you want to enrol in an art class or pick up a summer job. With just a little preparation, you can set yourself up for a fun and productive summer.

Turning hot tubs into cool pools

Who says you have to maintain a hot temperature in your hot tub or spa? Hot tub owners can easily cool off their hot tubs by reducing their hot tub’s temperature to 85F or less Run the air jets and leave the hot tub spa cover open at night. Grab some bags of ice from the convenience store and dump them in the hot tub!

Keep your hot tub spa cover on

The great thing about turning hot tubs into cool pools is that the hot tub is insulated. Once you’ve achieved a desirable temperature for your so-called “hot” tub, make sure that you keep your hot tub spa cover on during the day or when the tub’s not in use so you can take advantage of your spa’s insulation capabilities. Thus, not jacuzzi for sale type which could possibly not have all the insulation capabilities.

Take advantage of your tub’s summertime mode

Many of the newer hot tubs and spas now include a summertime mode that will reduce the temperature of you spa simply by reducing you spa’s filtration time (having constant circulation in your spa increases the water temperature). One thing that you certainly don’t want to do is completely drain your hot tub or turn off the filter. By keeping water in the spa, you’ll be keeping the tub moist and prevent any cracking or foundation problems. Keeping the filter running will keep the water clear and help maintain your pumps.

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