The benefits from regular spa sessions

Water, a natural part of life, has many attributes, including the attributes of immediate rest. Just rest, rest and no spa with pools, saunas and spa tubs included. Fresh water is commonly used for spas, while thalassotherapy prefers sea or spring water with beneficial properties.

A time for yourself !

A spa is also the ideal time for getting together, confronting one another, and taking a well-deserved break in front of everyday chaos. Concentrate yourself alone, your feelings, your dreams, and give yourself a caring head to head to restore power to zero. A day in the spa can be beneficial for you on a long time.

Spa and aromatherapy

You may combine a treatment with aromatherapy to further improve the spa 's benefits. First you should add essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, juniper and basic citronella, (which have historically been diluted into sweet almond oil or bath salts). Be mindful that the use of essential oils is not suitable for infants, people with disabilities, women who are pregnant and nursing. Before using, also consult an expert.

Spa and chromo therapy

Chromo therapy, which is also referred to as color therapy, involves the use of color and light to improve the state of well-being. Each of the colors and shades has their meanings and their own effect on body, mind and emotions. The introduction of vibrant light in a spa-in the form of kaleidoscopic spotlight or beams-is thus a good recipe for introducing you to color therapy and adding a bonus to your Spa experience.

Enjoy a wellness area

It's the whole body that works best, in balance with a relaxed spirit after an individual spa trip, with a couple, with your family or friends.

  • Increase the joint pressure and pain-induced muscles;
  • Improved flow of blood due to blood-enhancing heat;
  • removal of cell regeneration-impaired toxins;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Enhanced digestive treatment;

Day spa tours will enable you to reduce the everyday usage, through the natural and well known benefits of water, of medication, (anti-stress, pain, inflammatory, sleeping).

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