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Method of selling a hot tub

Trade it into a spa dealer: You will get far less than the commercial value of a vehicle if you sell it yourself. But it is good for those who are looking for a key-turnover solution to get the old one and hit a fresh one all in one day. Average 10-year-old spa trade value is $1,000, perhaps just $500. It is sometimes only free removal, without a trading value, so verify all the information.

Sell to family or friends: this can be a quick way to sell a bath, particularly for friends or families who have been pleased with the bath in the past. You're going to want to be pretty, however, you won't? The neighbor, he or she could be a good candidate, always comments on the hot tub. Select 2 or 3 objectives and come up with an offer for you and millions of other lovers of a hot tub!

Craigslist: optimize the performance of your ad for highest performance. Put information on size and devices, number of jets, characteristics and accessories in the spa gallons. Accurate data about make and model and Spa Pak Controller. Spa cover and cover lift age and condition. Notice any defects or plumbing leaks. Please note that you have repaired newly or new materials. If the order on a trailer is possible for a fee then list that in the ad, or else say Cash and Carry in the spa / hot bath. The details that you placed in the announcement, the better the answer. Pictures are also very essential for your spa, post 6-8 pictures for best outcomes. Make sure the spa pack (with excellent lighting) is included with photos. Hence, hot tubs for sale.

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