What are the different types of Jacuzzi?

Do you want to acquire a spa? It's a good idea! However, you do not know what types of jacuzzi to choose?

What then are the different kinds of jacuzzi?

The types of jacuzzi are quite numerous. However, a few parameters must be respected when setting up a spa. Above all, choose durable, climate-resistant materials that require only minimal maintenance. The ease of installation depends on your type of jacuzzi, some require the services of a specialist and for some models, you can do it yourself. Jacuzzis each have their shapes, sizes and materials with which they were designed.

First of all the inflatable jacuzzi, it has no high cost and is easy to install because it only takes a few minutes. Just inflate it, fill it with water and plug it in. It is also transportable. However, its longevity is quite short. The price is affordable, you can acquire an inflatable spa from € 1,000, and a 4-6 seater jacuzzi will cost you around € 5,000, while an inflatable spa will cost you € 1,000. As for luxury jacuzzi bathtubs will be more expensive, because there must be a budget of more than 5,000 €. There is also the swim jacuzzi. It has a dimension of about 5 meters in length. He . The spa must have a water temperature of 35 degrees. For its installation, you can choose between prefabricated or masonry construction.

As for its price, it is quite high. As the swim spa is a combination of the spa and the pool, you can both relax and practice swimming. Please note that all existing spa models are valid on the site http://www.infinity-spas.com. So do not hesitate to buy your spa according to your needs and your desires.

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